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Introduction to Topic

I would like to continue to find technology that will help children with ADHD and those that have learning disabilities access the general education curriculum. As I continue to learn more about ADHD as a disability, for both professional and personal reasons, I realize the importance of finding specific techniques and technology that will help these students become successful in school and in life. As for those students who experience problems learning to read and do math, I would like to find alternative methods of delivering instruction so that they may be successful in the regular education classroom. My passion has become reaching every student and helping them to become life long learners. I believe that it is especially important for me as a special education teacher of young children to help build a strong foundation.

This website was created for this class and will not be shared with anyone other than members of this class. I began with the review of the five websites and then moved on to the technology assigment followed by the software review, the video assignment, and ended with the powerpoint presentation.