Cayla's 6th birthday celebrating with her cousins

This is a picture of my daughter's six birthday party. Her older sister and cousins are in the picture. Her birthday cake is a cake that had a picture of our dog scanned on to it. This was taken on my Sony Digital Camera and then accessed from the disc that the original picture was saved on. I uploaded it from the disc and finally figured out how to resize this photo. It only took three weeks and countless hours. YEAH!!!

This is a clip art that I created for this assignment. I used the Microsoft Office Word 2003 and inserted clip art from that program to create the design below. This is a simple scroll with my name inserted and a picture added below the text. I did try to paint the moon yellow but couldn’t figure out how to do it and I gave up. I couldn't figure how to actually paste the clipart to this page so it is linked. Somehow I accidentally pasted this here which is what I started out to do 9 hours ago.

Clip art of a scroll with the name Sonja Moon in blue print and a picture of a crescent moon

This is a photograph that I have taken from my sample page on my computer.
Picture of a vivid sunset that has turned the sky all red

The following picture is one that I scanned using my hp6300 copier that also scans. As I scanned the plaque, I saved it to a file so that I could then download it to this page. This plaque was given to me at my surprise 40th birthday party. My husband has his Captain license and loves to fish.
This image was scanned into my computer. The plaque has a picture of fish and to the side it reads "Husband Missing...There's something fishy here"

I found the following picture on the web to use as my animated image.
Animated image of a baby on the back of a white dove flying through the clouds and there are pink flowers in a chain underneath the dove.

I used the same picture with the Easy GIF Animator that I downloaded from the Web from the Blumental Software. You are allowed to use the program for free 20 times. I edited the picture to add the slide effect.
This is the same image above but the picture has an added slide effect. The picture slides up to the top left.

The following picture is one of the three images that I need to edit. I opened Microsoft Office 2007 and opened the clip art for this program. I searched for Springer Spaniels and came up with this photo. I edited with Microsoft Office 2007 and added a frame around the picture. I copied the photo and saved it to Microsoft Word 2003 because I couldn't download it to this page in Office 2007.

This is an edited picture of a Springer Spaniel. I framed the picture of a brown and white springer in a white frame

This is my third and final edited image. I took an animated image from the website listed under Professor Quinn's resources and added my name in the Paint program.
Edited Image of a green chalkboard with my name-Ms.Taylor-written in yellow.

I created the following image as my image that I am repeating as my original. I am not exactly sure what you meant by this so here is my attempt at doing that. I used Microsoft Office 2007 and found the following picture in the clip art section when I used the search tool. I then saved to the Microsoft Works Processor. I opened the Paint program and added the photo that I copied from the Microsoft Works and saved in the jpg format so that I could load to this page.

This is an image of a springer spaniel sitting at a table with a plate on top of a red and white checkered table cloth. On top of the plate is a bone. The table is set with a fork, knife, and white plate. The dog has a white bib tied around its neck.

The following image is my attempt at creating an original illustrations. I created it using the Microsoft Office 2007 program and copied it to the Microsoft Works Processor. I opened the Paint program and loaded the file from the Microsoft Works and then saved it to the jpg fo
rmat so that I could insert on this page. It took me a few hours to remember how I did the previous clip art.
This is an original illustration created by me. It is a 3D banner with EDEE 603 across the top. There is a picture of a smiley face with a 3d balloon to the right with the caption I did it.