Introduction to Unit: Productivity Unit

Again this page is developed for my use. I found this unit to be useful in terms of learning new information about programs that I currently use. I currently use Microsoft Office 2007 and need to learn more about the applications involved in this program. I liked the autosummary but I am not sure how helpful it will be. I will have to work with that more.

Productivity Tools

Camtasia Studio

Office Suite
Open office Suite

Spotmau Powersuite Professional: Low cost CD that includes the following resources: fix & install windows, optimize speed & protect your privacy, recover data & passwords, partition & format the hard drive, clone & back up your system, and desktop secretary.
Microsoft help and how to home page
Good site to find answers to questions for those of us that struggle with Office 2007

Presentation resources
Microsoft Office online provides free clip art, photos, animations, and sounds

Universal File Format
A blog that provides good information about Intelligent File format
Article from Computing at Darmouth that provides good information about Universal File Formats
Rich Text Format definition from,,sid43_gci214276,00.html
A great site that provides a lot of information about RTF that can help the novice understand what it is.
Free trial to use software that will allow you to convert PDF files to word documents and create PDF from word documents
This site converts files into PDF on line and you can download the software for free to use for a limited time.

Desktop Publishing
The following site is a great resource tool that will provide answers to what desktop publishing is in terms that most everyone can understand.
Check this site out-a central location that provides free open source desktop software.
This is another good site that provides information about Desktop Publishing in a how to format.
This site is a good reference to use to find online tutorials about word processing.
This site discusses what a word processor is and provides answers to questions related to word processing. Just go to this link and type in word processor in tab.
This is a good place to look at word processing that discusses and provides how to for different tasks in processing such as creating brochures, editing and formatting pages, and many more.


A site that provides tutorials in Excel-a good place to start or go to with questions
Microsoft home page for Excel information
Another tutorial site specifically for Microsoft Excel
Good site for Spreadsheet information that incorporate ideas to use in the classroom for educators of young children
This site provides a spreadsheet diagram, vocabulary, names of the spreadsheet parts, and more
This site discusses using spreadsheets in the classroom.
Interactive Spreadsheet
This site is a lesson plan using interactive spreadsheets for elementary students.
Use to find out more information about interactive spreadsheets
A site that provides ideas for teachers to use in their classrooms
Good site for teachers to learn about Excel, Word Processing, andmore
Interactive activities and lessons for teachers to use in the classroom
How to for creating interactive spreadsheets
An online site that allows the user to practice with Microsoft Excel


A site for beginners needing information about databases and tutorials
A site titled “What is a database?”
This site describes what computer database is and how to legally protect it.
Information on how to search databases
Good site that provides a lot of information about databases
A site that will help you troubleshoot problems with databases

Database Management System

This site describes what a database management system
Introduction to what a database management system is
A site that that helps you choose a database system
A site that gives you an overview of database management system
A guide to a database management system
Information on Relational Database Management Systems


Powerpoint layouts and background (free)
This is a great site for teachers to use. It has a variety of lesson plans that teachers can use in their classrooms.
Another site that elementary teachers can use in their classroom.
This site will give you information about backgrounds, templates, etc.
This site is a good place to find tips when creating powerpoints.
This site reviews powerpoint presentations that include 2D and 3D pictures.