Nussbaum, S. (2008, February). No Limits. Technology & Learning, 28, 14-18. This is a magazine that my school suscribes to. I believe that all educators who are interested in staying ahead or up to date will find this magazine useful. While researching for this course, I read this magazine and found articles that were very interesting and informative. In this specific magazine I learned more about the laptop project and specific laptops that are kid friendly with features that are important for children. The No Limit article discussed the need to increase information about becoming digital for the new student in a digital classroom.

Jett, D. (2004, August). Five Strategies to keep e-mail an effective tool. Technology Pathfinder for administrators, 9, 8. This is also a magazine that is on the shelf in our library at the school. Until this class I did not have any knowledge about these two resources. This particular magazine presents a lot of useful information in a easy to read . Again I do not know the cost of this because it was available at school. All educators would find this useful and would be able to quickly scan the cover page and determine if there is an article that would be important for them to read.

The following magazine can be obtained for $14.97 a year. When I looked at it online the description, it provided information that would be beneficial for educators that wanted to stay ahead of all the new technology that is developed daily. The title of the magazine is PC Magazine. It is available at Barnes and Noble or you can go to the following website and look at it online: . This was really great to view the magazine online. There were great articles that most everyone can read easily and will benefit from.

Richardson, W., (2006, May). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. This book can be obtained at
Barnes and Nobles. The ISBN number is "ISBN-13: ". The cost is $28.95. This book would be useful for people like me who need to learn more about the above topics. It is a quick reference point that contains a lot of information on these topics. I didn't buy it but when and if I need more information about these topics other than for this course, I would buy it.