Introduction to the unit: Instruction

When reviewing this unit I found the reading assignment in the content area tools as a valuable resource. The authors reviewed the things that you should consider when purchasing software. The two areas are the quality of the content and the ease of use for students. I have not purchased many things for my classroom but I certainly will refer back to Recesso, A. & Orrill, C., (2008). Integrating technology into teaching: The technology and learning continuum. Boston: Houghton Miffin.

For the Instructional Materials section the same reading provided additional information on the different types of software. Some I knew where software such as games and drill and practice but others like simulation, tutorials, and modeling were new to me.
The following sites are good sources for materials in this section.
This site is great for special education teacher. Thank you Dr. Quinn for sending me this way.
I discovered the following site while viewing the above site. Check it out.
This site reviews new software called click and speak. According to the information provided in the description, it would be a great tool to use for students with cognitive issues and or reading disabilities.

I also liked the site that Dr. Quinn reviewed for us. I like the fact that this is a site that can help us to evaluate information found on the internet.
This is a good place to go and look at the standards for instructional materials.
The title of this site is locating special education materials.
This is a great resource for teachers to use in the classroom. It has free drill and practice tasks for students and much more.

Review of Assessment information

Overall, I found that the information about portfolios and rubrics not to be too beneficial for me because I use curriculum based measurements as my assessment tool. I am familiar with all of the types of assessment reviewed in this unit with the exception of classroom performance systems. I have participated in a review of the “clickers” at a faculty meeting and think that this could be useful in the classroom.

This site is the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring. A great place for those who need to learn what (CBMs) are and why we need to use them as an educational tool for assessment and instruction.
For my SPED friends please forgive this citing of this site. All others this is a great place for your teachers to download probes for reading, writing and math. There is also a tool that educators can use to chart student progress. I love this one and use it a lot.
Another site for those learning about curriculum based measurement (CBM). This is the official website for DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills). This is another great resource for probes and norms for teachers to use for assessment and determining instruction or interventions that may be needed. (Another site that I use frequently)
I attended a two day training on RTI (Response to Intervention) and CBA was referred to which is curriculum based assessment. I’ve read about this but was confused between CBA and CBM. This site helped to clarify that.
Hey check out this Rubric for Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA).
This is a good site to start when finding out information about CPS (Classroom Performance Systems).

Introduction to Organization, Design, and Planning

Organization allows the user to advance quickly and easily. I think this is important for our students but I need to learn more about all the different types. Your unit helped to clarify this for me. In terms of design your site was very informative for me. Your suggestions for the color guidelines will be a great reference for me when needed.


A good site for educators to use that will help students in developing their organizational skills.
This site provides organizational tools and web resources for students.


This site has a lot of great things for design. Check it out.
This may be a useful resource when developing presentations. It provides guidelines.


This site reviews guidelines and tips for planning power points and presentations.
I liked this site because it provides 10 steps for planning power points including tutorials.