Introduction to unit: Sharing

I found several things in this unit to be important and very useful in my pursuit of that elusive Ph. D. The 24 steps in the research process are extremely important to me and will be a resource that I review for the next several years. When I reviewed the Web Authoring section, I was introduced to many new concepts. Although I have a basic understanding of what a URL was, I didn’t know what it stood for. The same is true for the concepts internet and world wide web. I had no idea that the www was built on top of the internet. The ICANN term was new to me and helped me to grasp all those suffixes that are attached to address on the internet. Finally in terms of E-Learning, this is a topic that I new absolutely nothing about but quickly learned more than I wanted to taking these two on line courses this summer. The most useful part of this section was the tools presented by Dr. Quinn. Some such as powerpoint and iTunes I was a little familiar with. I have downloaded the Camtasia and Audacity software. I also became familiar with Window Movie Maker.

Introduction to Research

This is a topic that I have a fair amount of knowledge in. The definitions and concepts were nothing new to me but are very important for me while completing this degree. The citation section was probably one of the most useful that I need more assistance in.
I love this site and might be very helpful to the rest of my classmates writing a dissertation. This is a site that will provides dissertation help. Some of the services are free. CHECK it out!
Another site that can provide some assistance while writing and researching topics for dissertations.
This site may be useful for trying to manage citations and note taking when writing a dissertation. I looked at it but need to spend some more time here.
For those of us who procrastinate might need to read the information provided at this site. I know I will be a returning customer over the next few years.
The title of this site is APA Research Style and will be useful for those that have specific questions about how to. Very useful site for me.
Thanks Dr. Quinn for this resource it will certainly be very useful for me. This is the site that provides help in citing sources in APA style for free.