Introdcution to the Topic: Communication

The terms that I need to know more about are Asynchronous and Synchronous. The Asynchronous term is when you use the e-mail and listservs-which I need to find out what that is, and Synchronous is when you use items like Podcasting-which I know nothing about and need to learn.
Again, this wikki is developed for me and I have created information on my reflection pages that are for me and my needs.

Asynchronous information:

How to set up Listserv in Yahoo
APA Listservs Webpage
Listservs Main Page
Information about E-mail
Find a person's e-mail address
How to Effectively Use E-Mail at Work

Sychronous information:

Podcasting Information
7 Things for Podcasting
What is Podcasting
Podcasting Tools
Podcasting Tutorial