Introduction of Topic: Educational Technology

In this area I need more information about computers in instruction for children with disabilities and the impact of learning.
Computer-Assisted Instruction
This article provides you with information regarding CAI.
Cotton, K. (May 1991). Computer-Assisted Instruction. Retrieved June 21, 2008, from
Britannica Article on CAI
Educational Software
Types of CAI
CAI for Mathematics
CAI for Reading

Technology's Impact of Learning:

Quinn's reference to website
Technology's Impact on E-Learning
Learning with Technology
ED Gov Technology
Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement
This is an article that reviews technology and teaching.
Lea, L. Clayton, M., Draude, B., & Barlow, S. Revisiting the impact of technology on teaching and leaning at middle Tennessee State University: A comparitive case study. Retrieved June 21, 2000 from