Introduction to topic: Internet Basics

This topic is one that I need a lot of assistance in. I have a very basic understanding of how it works and can access the web to find information that I need but would like to become more proficient in this area so that I do not spend a lot of time unnecessarily. This Wikki space is created for me so the information presented in this topic is for me personally and has been created with this in mind.


Using the information provided by Professor Quinn, I found the following web site a good starting place in my pursuit of learning more about Web searches.
A Beginners Guide to Web Searches
How Web Search Engines Work
Delete Web History
YAHOO Web Search
YAHOO Search Directory
As I continue in my pursuit to learn about the internet basics, a very important concern is keeping my children safe while allowing them to use the internet. After reviewing Professor Quinn's link to a site that provides information relating to this topic, I felt it was important to have as a source for future use.The Internet Survival Guide for Parents: Keeping our Kids Safe on the Internet
Just For Kids Web Search Engine
Kids Surf the Web Safely
A Practical Guide to Kids Safety
Kid Internet Safety Book
Research article to use while surfing the web in the classroom.
Demirbilek,M., Cilesiz, S., & Tozoglu, D. (2001). Safety strategies while surfing online in the classroom. Gainsville, FL: University of Florida. (ERIC
Document Reproduction Service No. ED 470130)
Safety Strategies to use in the Classroom
Research article for parents to help protect their children.
Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2001). A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 455013)
Parent's Guide to Internet Safety