Introduction to the Topic: Technology Basics

This page is intended for me so the information presented here is developed with that in mind. I am interested in learning more about my computer and how to access and fully implement the different programs that I use or need. I have a basic understanding of the Microsoft Office program and can use that program to create documents but now my new laptop uses the Microsoft Office 2007 which is different than the older Microsoft program. The Microsoft 2007 program is set up differently and some of its tools are designed differently. Just trying to locate where certain tools are in this program is difficult and frustrating. I tried to turn it off so that I can access some older PDF files and have messed up. I am unable to access some webpages because of what I have done. I have tried to fix what I did but have not been successful so far. Finally, I need to know more about keyboard and the shortcuts that can be used.


Microsoft Office 2007
This site provides you with the home page for Microsoft Office. I found this to be very useful when learning about this specific program. It links you directly to the website that provides great information for the use of Office 2007.
Online information for Office 2007

*This site will provide you with information that will allow you to open files that were created by other programs other than Microsoft Office 2007. This specific site refers you quickly to "how to convert" other programs so that you can use Office 2007 effectively. This was important because of the limitation/compability of opening other programs with Office 2007.

This site provides you with a Demo of the Office 2007 program. This is another site that provides you with demos that are unique to Office 2007.

This site gives you information about how to use e-mail and Office 2007 to collect data.
Collecting Data using E-mail

This is a website that provides information about word processing. It gives specific information about Microsoft Office 2007.
Word Processing informaton

The following information is an article that discusses the history of computers in education. It addresses computer assisted instruction which is an area that I am interested in learning more about.
Kurland, D., Kurland, L. (1987). Computer applications in Education: A historical overview. Annual Review of Computer Science, 2,317-358.
Article reviewing computers in education

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following websites and research links were created for me to use and they have been listed with that sole purpose.
Keyboard shortcuts for Vista
Shortcuts to use with Internet Explorer
Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft 2007
Wikipedia Shortcuts
All Hot Keys
This article is a good starting place for people who have not had experience taking online courses and need assistance using shorcuts.
Reducing barriers to success