This page was created for the purpose of EDET 735 and is not intended to share with anyone other than class members for this assisgnment. It is a review of two software programs that could be used with children who have learning disabilities.

ReadPlease 2003

Readplease is found at the READPLEASE website. This is a direct link that you can go and download this program for free . This company allows the user to download the program at no cost. It does require the following: Pentium-200 MHZ, 16 MB RAM, 20 MB Hard Drive space and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Instructional Design and Appearance: The design of this program is easy to use and read. The appearance is designed so that it could be used by learners in a UDL environment. It is free of clutter and the material is clearly presented. The use of this program would require additional preparation for the teacher, but once it is created for one student it could be used for all that require additional assistance.
Content and Purpose: This program will be great to use with my children that read below grade level. It would be easy for teachers to convert Science, SS texts, and other instructional materials to use in conjuction with this software. Although it would take prep time for teachers to use this, it would benefit the students who struggle with content and are ADHD, LD, and those who may have more cognitive difficulties. I am excited to try this out with my students in the fall and see if it will help my special education students.
Ease of Use: This program is easy to launch and does have simple directions.
UDL Considerations:

International Children's Digital Library

The following site is wonderful and acts as a BOOK software. It brings books alive and will work fantastic with our Smartboard at school. It is free for all users and has wonderful opportunities for children with learning disabilities. I am excited about using this next year wih my students as well. The company that provides this digital library is the International Children's Digital Library at .
Content & Purpose: This site could be used in conjuction with the reading objectives in Berkeley County. It would help to open the door for children with a reading disabilitiy. This site appears to be free of bias and is considerate of the diverse learners.
Instructional Design: The student is absolutely in control of what they want to read. Children are reinforced through the presentation of the stories. It is a self-directed site.
Appearance: There is a distracting visual on the home page. A light rotates around the symbol rotates. For the AHDH student it could take the focus away from choosing a book or completing the task at hand. The screen has a lot of information and could be overwhelming for some users.
Easy of Use: The site was extremely easy to use. It is easy to get lost in all of the choices but the stories come alive on the computer with those choices.
UDL considerations:
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