Clickers are a new tool that my school will invest in for the upcoming school year. I don't know what company they have chosen to go with but I found the following information from Smart Technologies at This company calls its clickers Senteo. This is not a direct link but what was in the article to use as a reference point. A direct link is listed below. The following information was taken straight from Smarttech's website which lists what technology will be needed to operate the Senteo in the classroom:
"System requirements

Windows operating systems

Pentium II 450 MHz processor
128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
136 MB of free hard disk space for minimum installation (511 MB for full installation with Gallery Collections)
Windows 2000 operating system or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Adobe Flash player version 8
Mac OS operating system software
700 MHz PowerPC processor (1 GHz or faster recommended)
128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
Mac OS X version 10.4.8 or higher
148 MB of free hard disk space for minimum installation (423 MB for full installation with SMART Essentials for Educators: Gallery Collections for Notebook software)
Safari 1.3.2 or later
Adobe Flash player version 8."
I did contact the company and they will e-mail me the price for this product. I will update this site once that has been received.

This tool is something that children can use in conjuction with technology already established in the school. It is a handheld device which allows students to respond individually to questions presented during a lesson. This technology will allow the teacher to track who needs additional help in a quick and efficient way.

I did have the opportunity to work with a handheld device that developed my interest in this new technology.
Check out this site if you are interested in more information.

The second tool that I came across doing my research was a netTrekker d.i. The following is a direct link to the website that will provide information aobut technical information, cost, etc... . This company provides the teacher a resource that will reteach data that students fail to master with the additional curriculum. It is done digitally which will reach some students that the typical teaching does not. There is the opportunity to participate in a free trial. I have not determined the cost but will add it to this site once it has been determined. It does provide a great deal of support for students who struggle in the regular education classroom with the regular curriculum. It specifically has a section that differentiates for each child's reading level and a read aloud support for students that need it.